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Industry News: Going 100% Renewable Energy

Submitted by on Thu, 20.08.2015 - 00:00

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute discussed 100 percent renewable energy targets in at least one sector during a conference session at Intersolar North America 2015. 100 percent renewable energy covers the following energy demands: electricity power, heating/cooing, and transportation. Currently, there are 55 cities, 60 regions and 9 utilities across the world that have officially established 100 percent renewable energy goals. Largely driven by government policies, renewable energy developments have been implemented to gain independence from imported fossil fuels, encourage economic growth, and protect the environment. The state of Hawaii heavily depends on imported fossil fuels and recently increased its state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 100 percent by 2045 from 40 percent by 2030. To find out who else is participating, click on the link below!

World Moves Toward 100 Percent Renewable Energy-First Electricity, Then Heating/Cooling, and Finally Transportation


Cool Tech Mondays: Tandem Solar Cells

Submitted by on Mon, 10.08.2015 - 00:00

Solar technology is always evolving. It comes as no surprise that continuing to improve solar efficiency remains a top priority in the industry. MIT and Stanford University have constructed tandem silicon-perovskite solar cells because they have the potential to increase efficiency. These multi-junction cells can absorb a larger segment of solar energy due to the increased absorption of photons. Silicon absorbs photons with a high band gap while perovskite captures photons from lower infrared segment. To learn more about tandem solar cells, click on the link below!

Solar energy could soon get a 2 for 1 boost with tandem cells

Industry News: 10,649 MW Installed in CA

Submitted by on Tue, 28.07.2015 - 00:00

The state of California has installed more solar than each of the nations of the UK, France, Spain, Australia, and Belgium. In the first quarter of 2015, 718 MW of solar energy was installed which raised the state's total to 10,649 MW. This can be divided into three sectors: 231 MW in residential, 88 MW in commercial and 399 MW in utility. That is quite a feat for a single state! It is no wonder that California continues to be a leader in the clean energy movement.

California Becomes First US State To Surpass 10,000 MW Solar Mark

ESP News: Canyon Plastics & Kim Seng

Submitted by on Mon, 20.07.2015 - 00:00

Canyon Plastics

Rail installation has been completed at Canyon Plastics. This means that solar panels are being installed! Our crew has been working hard on installing all 2,700 panels and they are nearly finished! Look at the pictures below to see what the roof looks like now!

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Kim Seng

This week we are mobilizing for our new 232 kW project at Kim Seng in Commerce, CA. After our initial walk through and plan revisions last week, we will now begin chalking the roof. Be sure to check back on the progress of our new project!

Can you guess which state installed the most residential solar in the first three months of 2015?

How about all 10?

In any case, congratulations to the US for installing 437 megawatts of residential solar PV and to California leading the installation at 232 megawatts. GTM Research also shares that California's residential market is expected to grow 71% this year. The forecast for 2015 looks bright!

These 10 States installed the most residential solar in Q1 2015

Cool Tech Mondays: Tesla's "Powerwall"

Submitted by on Mon, 08.06.2015 - 00:00

Solving the problem of energy storage? Yes!

Tesla's Powerwall stores energy when rates are low and later powers your home at night (when rates are high). Powerwall has two models: 10kWh weekly cycle, that can keep your home powered for two days without an energy input, or 7kWh daily cycle. The modernization of this home battery could be a step closer for houses to go off the grid!

Tesla's $3,000 "Powerwall" Battery will Power Your Entire Home Using Off-Grid Solar Technology

ESP News: Canyon Plastics in Valencia, CA

Submitted by on Wed, 27.05.2015 - 00:00

Progress Report

We are now entering the fourth week of the Canyon Plastics project. The rail installation is 85% complete. Look at the pictures below to see the progression of the project!

View the embedded image gallery online at:


Industry News: Innovation Lab in NY

Submitted by on Tue, 19.05.2015 - 00:00

R&D int he big NYC!

New York will become the home of the largest smart grid R&D laboratory in the world, AGILe (Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy). The partnership between New York Power Authority (NYPA) and State University Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Polytechnic) hopes to drive the development and integration of the next-generation electric grid. What a great way to tackle the synergy of renewable energy generation and fast-emerging energy technologies with our old electric grid!

New York Launches innovation Lab to Study Renewable Energy and the Advanced Grid

Cool Tech Mondays: Glass Sphere

Submitted by on Mon, 11.05.2015 - 00:00

Now that's thinking outside the box!

Andre Broessel's innovative idea takes solar tracking to another level. Head over to Rawlemon to see the progression of this technology and to learn more about the betaray family.

This Strange Glass Sphere Could Revolutionize Solar Power

ESP News: May Update

Submitted by on Mon, 04.05.2015 - 00:00

Under a joint partnership with CENERGY Power, our commercial project in Valencia is underway! We will be installing an 843 kW system for Canyon Plastics. That's roughly 2,700 solar panels!